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Picture1Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 7th August 2017

Brexit is not legit, and the highest expression of patriotism and democratic credibility that is at our disposal is to lawfully and rightfully oppose all forms of Brexit.

I believe that any form of Brexit will be an act of self-harming lunacy that will be detrimental to the nations and regions of the UK for generations to come.

Brexit will turn us into a deeply divided nation, with all the dubious benefits that could be derivable from that.

I oppose those who would take us down the uncertain, risk fraught and unfathomably costly road of a hard Brexit.

I oppose the flighty liberal arses who flutter from one form of “I’m against but we have to accept” to another, to justifying and even supporting the muted yet unjustifiable, antediluvian and dogmatic Eurosceptic liturgy of certain Labour Party leaders.

Also, I fully oppose those Brexiteers who are no better than sanitised little-Britain ultra-nationalists, who have taken the rationalisation, justification and clinical cleansing of their underlying prejudices, cloying sentimentality and nostalgia – nostalgia for times that never were and never will be – to all new heights.

No, I believe that there is no such thing as a legitimate Brexit.

I am fully in favour of the European Union project. I am looking forward and not fearing a federal Europe of nations and regions. In the EU the future looks bright. Outside we will just be another band of eccentric isolationists, who either have delusions of grandeur or are people who simply don’t give a damn about the futures of our children, our families, friends and communities.

Parliament, the government and the head of state have a moral and constitutional obligation to protect the state, that is, the people that live in the state. Not the customs, not the geography, not even the popular culture, but, the people and the inalienable human rights of those people.

This means that they are morally obliged to ensure that the UK is not put in harm’s way when it can justly be avoided. They must also identify key significant challenges and formulate the best strategies to meet those challenges. This is their job, their vocation and their charge.

Brexit is a significant challenge to the UK. It could do untold damage. We have a moral obligation, duty and right to stop it, and our democracy means that we can change our minds, on anything, especially something as potentially damaging as Brexit.

I don’t care who says that the referendum must be binding. Labour, Tory, UKipper or Marxist. This is all pretty irrelevant.

Brexit is not legit. Brexit must be stopped. Democratically.

Many thanks for reading.

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