Top 10 Amazing Big Data Gurus That All Amazing Big Data Gurus Should Know

LaugharneMartyn Richard Jones and Afilonius Rex

Mountain View, 25th May 2017

Big data is tremendously interesting for syndicates, businesses and societies as a tool, platform and hyper-hype whizzo technique to help them stay together, pumped and economically with-it in today’s fast-moving digital bazaar of a transformational world.

With the Big Data industry surfacing so hastily, where does a business turn to before they want to put their numbers into action to improve patron familiarities, reduce mix, elevate operations and manage hazards?

Countless bizzes don’t have the necessary stretch of time to carefully excavate into all of the accessible exploration and integrate new machineries. So here’s some pointers to help them out.

Namely, we compiled a “Big Data Experts” list to help you folks out.

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How to turn internal user data into a massive liability – Zéro pièce


Martyn Richard Jones

Laugharne 18th May 2017

“Our discreditable secret is that we don’t know anything at all, and our horrid inner secret is that we don’t care that we don’t.”

Dylan Thomas

Let me explain

I read a poster the other, it read “How To Turn Internal User Data Into Revenue”. It was one of those Facebook or LinkedIn hooks, you know, the ones used to get people to spend precious time on useless pursuits.

It reminded me of a book that my mother-in-law bought for my partner, many, many moons ago. “How to make a mint whilst you snooze”, or some such wacky title.

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TEAM 2.0 Total Eminence Analytical Mapper – The highest level architecture

This is the draft version of TEAM 0.1

The TEAM 2.0 version will be published in June 2017.

This will by far the best and most streamlined and comprehensive analytics and (big) data framework that has ever existed in the life-time of IT.


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AI and Big Data: A pig’s breakfast


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Pigs_eating_pumpkins.jpgMartyn Richard Jones

Dublin 10th May 2017

Throw AI, Big Data and Data Science into a pot, and what have you got?

Yes. A pig’s breakfast, not fit for a pig.

Let me explain

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Data-Less Apps: Revolutionary IT

Image1Martyn Richard Jones

Dublin 9th May 2017

Weighed down with data?

Inundated with information?

Overstrained with knowledge?

Intimidated by wisdom?

Don’t despair!

Relief from all of this is just be around the corner, in the shape of the next revolutionary inflection point in IT. Yes, as you might have guessed it by now. I am talking about data-less apps. Continue reading

BIG DATA GURUS: Trifling little fibbers?

Rantasaurus ‘Ricky’ Wrecks

Moscow 1st May 2017

In this week’s episode of ‘Putin the Bootin…’ Big Data Gurus…! Yep! Hold this thought…

There are no Big Data gurus.


T H E R E . . . A R E . . . N O . . . B I G . . . D A T A . . . G U R U S !

Call these unscrupulous wide-boys what you like, but, in any reasonable sense, when it comes to the Big Data enchilada, the unhelpful clowns who flog fake news, vulgar hype and vain-glorious exaggeration, are not gurus, of any way, shape or form.   Continue reading

Project Planning: Sharing makes it real

SharingMakesItReal.003Martyn Richard Jones

Sunnyvale, CA – 7th May 2017

Listen up Team Leaders, Test Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers, Portfolio Managers and PMOs.

You have just made the most perfect project plan in the entire history of project planning, and naturally you want to share your baby with the rest of the world.

But, you can’t.

Your perfectly designed, crafted and honed project plan is locked in a box that only you have access to.

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Getting Agile Right

Image10Martyn Richard Jones

Madrid, 16th April 2017

I think Agile has its place, especially in the world of software application development, especially in building the kind of software that businesses frequently use in the peripheral aspects of their day-to-day operations.

Done right, Agile can make the difference between a great success and a painful failure. Done badly, and you might suffer a worse fate than a badly applied Software Development Life Cycle such as Waterfall. Done well, and Agile will oil the wheels of the machine that gets things done.

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Brand Aversion: Exhibit One


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Martyn Richard Jones

San Luis Obispo 16th April 2017

La-mode-sur-tous-les-tableauxTaking a Pop at Traditional Data Warehousing

Pitch: I recently read a report from a data visualisation company on the “Top Ten Big Data Trends for 2017”. This is what they told me “Hadoop is no longer just a batch-processing platform for data-science use cases. It has become a multi-purpose engine for ad hoc analysis. It’s even being used for operational reporting on day-to-day workloads—the kind traditionally handled by data warehouses.” Continue reading