Bullshit in Barcelona: How not to serve your constituents


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Martyn Richard Jones

Gif sur Yvette 7th October 2017

Let’s face it, the recent fake referendum in Catalonia has been end to end bullshit.

It’s bullshit because that’s what you call a referendum that has no constitutional guarantees, that does not allow for an informed and plural debate and dialogue, and which is not the culmination of a process that leads to a consensual ending in the form of a collective and democratic plebiscite. It’s bullshit, because in calling the referendum and then insisting on the referendum the Catalan government have placed the public in harm’s way. Continue reading


The Bastards of Big Data: You can’t blame Putin for all of this bullshit

Image4Martyn Richard Jones

Gif sur Yvette 7th October 2017

In my life, I have never seen such a destructive and mindless movement in data architecture and management as that which has been nurtured, groomed and promoted by those who labour relentlessly, perfidiously and insidiously to ensure the continued and simultaneously unbelievable relevance of disruptive corporate-terrorising Big Data bullshitters, venomous data-oil hucksters and PowerPoint enabled know-nothing digital-arseholes. Continue reading

Business Data Explained: The Long Read


Martyn Richard Jones, Gif sur Yvette 23rd September 2017


Hi, Friends. As always, it’s great to be able to engage with you again. I am writing to you from the splendorous, wooded and verdant French town of Gif sur Yvette, and I wanted to take this opportunity to address aspects of data for an audience beyond the interests of data management and architecture people.

There is confusion about some of the fundamental aspects of business data, and there shouldn’t. If we strip away all of the boloney, it’s a subject that is quite approachable. In short, ‘it is not rocket surgery’. Continue reading

UK Government, Global Charlies


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Picture6Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 31st August 2017

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the view of the UK government doesn’t get any better.

Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Beijing or Washington. It’s increasingly obvious that Theresa May and her cabinet are a painfully embarrassing and unfunny joke.

They stand as an obdurate aberration where once there had been some semblance of cultured diplomacy, breadth and depth of intelligence and strategic thinking. They defy the laws of reason, good sense and decency. They are the Keystone Cops, the Chuckle Brothers and the Carry On Camping of governance. Continue reading

Brexit: A question for Jeremy Corbyn


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characters_tcm993-156042Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 28th August 2017

In my opinion, Brexit, any Brexit, could spell economic, political and social disaster for the UK. Brexit could ensure the demise of the Good Friday Agreement, with seriously damaging consequences. It could see the independence of Scotland – not necessarily a bad thing for Scotland, but yet another unintended consequence of Brexit. And, it could significantly deteriorate the rights and conditions of workers in the UK.

So, I wish to put a Brexit question to Jeremy Corbyn.

Will the working people in the UK be better off if the UK leaves the European Union?

Continue reading

UK: Better off with Brexit


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Picture6Martyn Jones

Bornheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 25th August 2017

When you offer people all of the benefits of the single market and the customs union, but without any of the EU bureaucracy, constraints and costs, what happens?

We ran an experimental consultation last year in the UK just to demonstrate what happens when bat-shit-crazy mad-cow Britain has a chance to throw a spanner in the works. Some people will inevitably believe the boloney whilst others will use it as a mere tool in a simple-minded and obtuse attempt to rationalise their own irrationality and misanthropy. Nobody can throw a spanner in the works quite like the Brits.

Continue reading

Postmodern Digital Stories: We’ve never seen anything like this before


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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Dunny on the Wold, 23rd August 2017

The prevailing conventional wisdom is that innovative technologies and their novel use are having an effect on many peoples’ lives. Indeed, the fascination with the possibilities offered by social media, the internet and the age of data is becoming all pervasive. Of course, not all is goodness and light. Some aspects, such as Denial of Service attacks, phishing without a permit and creatively-ambiguous chimping, mark the down side of this story. Continue reading

USA: What Trumped Hillary?


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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 16th August 2017

US liberals still don’t get it, do they? I was particularly unimpressed by The Guardian’s US correspondent, Richard Wolffe, who wrote this of Trump “He is the very man Hillary Clinton warned us that he would be.”

Like as if we really need the advice of an entitled and arrogant warmonger about any other unhinged member of the globalised political circus. Continue reading

Brexit: MPs must act, now!

Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 14th August 2017

To paraphrase a famous quote, ‘Now is the time for all good MPs to come to the aid of the United Kingdom.’

Brexit is the enemy at the gate, the wolf at the door and the most significant threat to our collective future. This is our darkest hour of greatest need and Brexit must be stopped.

Of course Brexit must be stopped.

And, we have the power to do it. Continue reading