BREXIT: Where’s Theresa May’s Plan B?

image12Martyn Richard Jones

Dublin, 10th September 2016

Theresa May, as Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s Government, has overall responsibility for organising the United Kingdom’s retreat from the European Union.

But, Theresa May has a problem, she doesn’t appear to have a detailed plan for Brexit, at all.

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UK POLITICS: The Jeremy and Owen Show

image10Martyn Richard Jones

Mountain View, Friday 9th September 2016

Although I am not a Labour voter, I, like many people across the UK, have been following the Labour Party leadership debates, which have seen the incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MP Owen Smith battling it out in public. And although it’s not up there with Itchy and Scratchy, it still provides some surprisingly irritating entertainment interspersed with facts, fiction, Pontypandy bitchiness and Islington exasperation.

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BREXIT: Theresa May’s Catch-22

image7Martyn Richard Jones

Bamberg, 8th September 2016

Months have passed since the United Kingdom held its European Union membership referendum which resulted in a ‘win’ for the pro-leave Brexiteers. Yet the strongest signal coming out of London is that the government is stalling; playing for time. Clearly, as yet, the government hasn’t worked out in any real, concrete or detailed terms what it should be doing or where the country should be going or what it can even say to the array of stakeholders and interested parties. Which, given that Brexit is by far the biggest constitutional challenge in my lifetime, is quite problematic.

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BREXIT: The Martyn Jones Solution


Martyn Richard Jones

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 3rd September 2016

On the 23rd of June the UK held a popular referendum. The question posed to the people was: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” A simple choice between remain or leave.

Leave received more votes than remain, at 52% versus the 48% who voted for remain.

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Amazing Uses of Big Data at ISIS

Martyn Richard Jones

Langley, 2nd September 2016

Few outside of the big intelligence agencies of the USA, Russia and Andorra know this, but a big part of the success of Operational Excellence at ISIS can be put down down to their judicious use of Big Data and Data Science. Or, so say the experts[i].

This will probably come as no surprise to big-gun Big Data gurus such as Bernard Marr, Rab C. Nesbitt or Alan Latchley, or indeed will it appear unusual to the more peripheral and intellectual areas of Big Data ‘guruship’ and Data Scientology, where we may find the likes of Shapiro, Kobielus and Podge and Rodge O’Leprosy.

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Seven Magnificent Big Data Success Stories

Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_editMartyn Richard Jones

Lora del Rio, 31st August 2016

Big data has arrived. Big Data is here for keeps. Big Data is the future.

Despite some of the malicious, mendacious and malodorous words of naysayers, sceptics and contrarians, the world of big data and big data analytics is replete with totally amazing and fabulous success stories.

Big Data gurus are often accused of not delivering coherent, cohesive and verifiable accounts of Big Data successes. Which is understandable but at the same time a pity. So here, to illustrate this miraculous and remarkable turnaround, I give you not three but seven of the many Big Data success stories that I could have casually grabbed out of the ether.

First, we take a trip to Glasgow to discover the leveraging of Big Data in alternative investments. Then we pass over to Boston to explore the magic of Big Data at Universal Legal. We venture through Switzerland and innovative marketing. Explore the heights of Dongalong Creek. Have a word with the good folks at Heisenberg Labs. Then round it off with a quick in-depth summary of Big Data at Choppers. So, here we go…

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Big Data on the Roof of the World

Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_editOnce upon a time, there was a mountain known as Peak 15. Very little was known about it. Then in 1852, surveyors found it was the highest in the world, and they named it Everest.

As with other significant challenges that we can identify in life, many people have been driven by a passionate desire to conquer peaks all around the world. This is just one illustration of those of us who can identify their significant challenges and rise to them. This sharp focus, determination and courage turns ordinary citizens into people who are invariably on a mission. People who know what they want. Continue reading

Spanish General Elections: Power, Pride and Politesse

IMGQMartyn Richard Jones

Glasgow, 1st May 2016

If we exclude the financial sector, industry and the unions, there are four major political groups in Spanish politics with representation in the national parliament in Madrid. At the top of the list is the Partido Popular (Popular Party), in second place comes the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (the Spanish Socialist Workers Party), in third place Podemos (literally ‘We can’) and in fourth place, we have Ciudadanos (simply translated as ‘Citizens’)

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Getting business value from data? Commercial analytics is where it’s at


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Martyn Richard Jones


I first became involved in commercial analytics in the eighties. First, through my involvement in customer segmentation and data visualisation, principally in banking but also in energy, manufacturing and the chemical industry. It also emerged later, in conjunction with my activities at the Sperry European Centre for AI, and was centred on pricing and yield management applications developed using a combination of statistical techniques, expert system technology and data centre architectures all tightly integrated within a 4GL development and delivery environment. This provided a comprehensive and seamless scenario building, hypothesis testing and reporting capability. Continue reading