Data Trailblazers: 2022 Vision

Martyn Richard Jones

2nd January 2022

Martyn Jones is Chief Scientist and Information Architect at Cambriano Energy, and is the author of Laughing @ Big Data he manages The Big Data Contrarian group on LinkedIn and blogs at

To begin at the beginning

So, the Christmas season is almost upon us, and it’s time once again to publish my brand-spanking new top twelve data trend predictions for the new year, 2022.

1.  Data Mesh

Data Mesh will be on a lot of folks’ bucket lists.

Despite its inaccuracies, false assumptions, valleys of vagueness, historical revisionism and misinterpretations, data mesh will survive. This will be thanks to the tireless efforts and sterling work of Zhamak Deghaneh at Thoughtworks. In my opinion, 2022 will be a gloriously defining moment for the data mesh paradigm shift.

2.  Data Warehousing 4.0

Data Warehousing 4.0 will reach into the future whilst reviving its roots. Data Mesh will provide a set of lenses through which we will be able to put Data Warehousing back into the context that it should never have been taken out of in the first place.

At Cambiano Energy, Data Warehousing 4.0 will also be an integral part of AUDIO, our revolutionary approach to data and analytics.

3.  Data Vault 2.0 Adoption

Data Vault 2.0 adoption becomes even more of a thing.

Data Vault 2.0 is a solid data modelling technique for data warehousing, data and analytics. I anticipate that the uptake of the approach will grow significantly along 2022.

4.  Canned on the Cloud

In 2022 we will see more canned machine learning and analytics on the Cloud.

There will be an explosion in the provision of tools that make it really easy to run a raft of statistical gizmos that would otherwise be difficult to understand and even harder to implement, never mind its inability to explain the results coherently and cohesively.

Nothing will change as data. The new “lead” will also refuse to turn itself into gold.

So, be prepared to witness industry wise-guys and talking empty-heads trying to redefine the terms learning, intelligence and gold.

5.  More inability to understand

In 2022 we will strive relentlessly to hone our inability to understand, explain and derive insights from the outputs of advanced analytics and machine learning.

Despite the plethora of tools and utilities for DIY analysis, the gap between running machine learning and advanced analytics and actually turning outcomes into insights, will grow significantly. Data science needs to start showing value in 2022 or its value will be questioned by those who pay for it.

And for the record, machine learning will still not be able to explain itself and will be as exposed to unlearning as to learning. Just like in 1992, all over again!

6.  Textual ETL

In 2022, Textual ETL will get a booster.

Textual ETL is an innovative proprietary technology developed by Forest Rim Technology that allows you to transform your unstructured data into a format compatible with your existing business intelligence infrastructure.

In 2022 there will be an increase of interest in Textual ETL, which I hope will make Mister Bill Inmon a very happy person indeed.

7.  Telling stories becomes a critical skill

Yes, folks, you read it here first. Telling credible, coherent and insightful stories about data will become an even more significant critical skill factor in statistics and analytics presentation to senior management. In a nutshell, it’s about creating narratives that real people can relate to.

Along the year, our data soothsayers will need to hone their skills to provide insight to executives who aren’t much better than a bunch of highly socialized two-year-olds, with the listening skills of Ebisu and the attention span of my dog.

8.  Agile Data Citizenship

We will again fly the Agile Data Citizenship banner to see if anyone will salute it.

As an aside, in 2022, we will be telling you about ADAGiO, our lean and agile approach to data governance in the enterprise.

This will be the antidote to the massive pile of bureaucratic doo-doo that has previously defined corporate data governance.

Included in ADAGiO will be Infonomics, specifically for data and analytics.

9.  Data Virtualisation  

Data Virtualisation will go from strength to strength. My hot tip for 2022 is to keep a close eye on what the good folks are getting up to at Denodo. On the techy side, what really interests me in this technology is the ability to virtualize using intelligent and dynamic cost-based query-execution planning.

10.      End User Computing

End-User Computing becomes a thing again. This year we bring the idea of shadow apps in from the cold. So, done right, end-user computing can drive real business benefits with just the lightest of touches of oversight from formal IT.

Some of the best data and analytics applications I have seen have been created entirely by business users. Using standard software such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, VB and Microsoft Excel.

11.      Talking animated avatars  

Talking animated avatars will augment the executive dashboard experience. This will relieve senior executives of the obnoxious burden of having to refuse to navigate comprehensive and fascinatingly sophisticated dashboards that basically tell them the SQRT(FA).

12.      Cambriano Energy’s ADI*OS

Cambriano Energy’s ADI*OS will become a thing.

This is a bit of a spoiler. In 2022 Cambriano Energy plans to flesh out its Agile Data and Information Optimum Strata – ADI*OS. This seeks to bring together all elements of data, information, Structured Intellectual capital, and analytics under one universal, understandable and easily explainable and agile socio-process-techno architecture.

There, I said it!

Actually, in 2022, ADI*OS will be rebranded as NO LIMITS, Data and Analytics.

That’s it folks

And that is really it.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy and fruitful 2022.

Martyn Jones

The Big Data Contrarian

Cambriano Energy and Good Strat