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Martyn’s range of knowledge, skills and experience span executive management, organisational strategy, strategic business performance and information management, leadership, business analysis, business and data architectures, data management, and executive and team coaching.

Martyn has worked with and advised many of the world’s best-known organisations including Adidas, Banco Santander, Bank of China, BBVA, Boston Consulting Group, British Telecom, La Caixa, Central Statistical Office (UK), Central Statistical Office of Poland, Citco, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, E.On, Eroski, European Union, Fnac, France Telecom, Hewlett Packard, Iberdrola, IBM, Iberia, Infineon, Türkiye İş, Metropolitan Police, Movistar, NCR, National Health Service (UK), Office of the Governor – State of California, Oracle, The Home Office (UK), Rolls-Royce Marine Power Operations, the Royal Navy, Shell, Swiss Life, TSB, UBS, Unisys, the United Nations and Xerox, among many others.

He currently focuses on helping clients to:

– Create relevant, understandable and actionable information
– Plan, manage, design, develop and deliver information supply frameworks for the timely, appropriate and adequate supply of information
– Design, develop and deliver beneficial, tangible and usable strategic performance and information frameworks
– Design, develop and deliver relevant and coherent performance models, indicators and metrics
– Plan, manage, design, develop and deliver information and data analytic strategies
– Design, develop and deliver management informational insight and dynamic feedback solutions
– Coach teams in measuring and managing performance
– Align people, competencies, processes and practices with strategies
– Prepare clients for the next big thing in Information Management and Analytics
– Help suppliers of IT to better align with the needs and nature of clients and prospects
– Help clients capitalize on tangible benefits derived from advanced information architectures and management

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. How it comes that you company is in Spain, you write in English, but only countries you mention in categories is Java, Russia, British?


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