Picture1Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 8th August 2017

Is Britain becoming a scoundrel’s paradise?

From the massively lucrative and almost risk-free student debt being sold on the cheap to a select band of chums in the private financial sector. To the scandalous misrepresentation, mendacity and downright deception of the leading guttersnipes and pimps of the Brexit campaign. Through the loud zoo of opportunistic, scabrous and malignant political animals chafing at the bit to return the UK to the dark ages of jungle law, rotten political leaders and nastier political masters, and with it, the ability of the few to effortlessly intimidate, coerce and mistreat the many.

Legion are the examples of the erosion of values in a Britain that once aspired to be a truly decent society.

One could go on about how bankers and accountants profited from the misfortune of distressed small businesses during economic downturns, and their short-term greed trumping any interest in long term investment in businesses that benefitted communities. We can rail against greedy bankers who conned an army of mugs with savings who wanted to make loads of money doing absolutely nothing or sold dodgy mortgages to delirious fools. We can take arms against the unscrupulous politicians and faceless bureaucrats, and the surfeit of liars, cheats and spivs. We might even be emotionally shocked and awed at the revelations of how much celebrities get paid by the BBC, by the ever-growing astronomical transfer fees and salaries of football players and by the fact that EU leaders get paid anything at all. But, this is what we live with. Which, although we might like to think otherwise – stuck as we are in our self-obsessed, superficial and hypocritical contentment – are not the most important challenges facing us, by a long shot, but part and parcel of the world that we wanted. Yes, we made the rod for our own backs.

So, how do we get out of the hole? Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Exit from Brexit. This is the largest single-act of self-harming lunacy in the entire history of the British Isles, and, to be frank, we have form. Brexit is an alt-extreme side-show that should never be. It’s a distraction from the important things. Dump it and move on.
  2. In theory the UK is very well regulated. In practice it is not. Giving regulatory bodies the teeth and well as the appropriate funds to uphold regulations is of vital importance. We must also closely and continually monitor the effectiveness of these regulatory bodies and reorganise them as and when required.
  3. Carry out independent in-depth investigations into NGOs who act as facilitators for strategic public-private sector initiatives and as transfer-agents moving lucrative public assets to the private sector. Update the criminal code to include fines and detention for the planners and willing helpers involved in syphoning off public assets to the private sector.
  4. Reform the constitution. It really needs to be overhauled.
  5. Get Labour into government. Focusing on the important challenges, and not caught up in trying to implement dated dogma that nobody really needs and few really want. Yes, for the many and not the few, but, leave the political left-wing liturgy of the seventies at the door.

It’s not really too much to ask for. In fact, if we truly wish to live in a decent and modern society, one in which everyone pulls together, all of this makes good sense.

What do you think?

Many thanks for reading.

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