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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 11th August 2017

What will the UK look like ‘post-Brexit?

Will Brexit result, as I read on Twitter, in the UK “taking back what we never lost to lose everything we currently have.”?

My concern is about what could happen to the people in the UK when we have finally run-away from Europe.

With Brussels gone, with the EU and the Single Market gone, with our EU citizenship ripped from our cold dead hands, who will Brexiteers have to complain about once we have become an isolated, tiny and populous ex-colonialist island to the east of New Jersey?

When Brexiteers have finally eradicated all of the sources of their fears, phobias and prejudices, whether it is foreigners, faceless bureaucrats or all those ‘not like us’, will they just start hating each other, again? I can see it coming. ‘Haters just gotta hate.’

Brexit brings with it a dearth of hopeless, dead-ended and rancid banality. The comfortably-contented generations have traded in the future of tomorrow’s children in order to fulfil their conceited and hubristic wishes and to ensure that their ferocious desires for super-sized rations of long-lasting self-harming eccentricity are made real and permanent.

The selfish Brexiteers benefitted magnificently from a more prosperous and egalitarian society – the end of rationing, the post-war boom, nationalisation, unionisation and a magnificent social security and health system. The selfish Brexiteers enjoyed a society of ever growing abundance, prosperity and choice. The selfish Brexiteers enjoyed a society that took more care of people. That said, the selfish Brexiteers did not build a glorious past, neither did they ensure a decent future.

It’s simple. To the selfish Brexiteers it’s “I’m all right, Jack”, “Fuck the kids!” and “We don’t need Europe.”

The selfish Brexiteers have deliberately poisoned the fountains of future prosperity. The selfish Brexiteers have burnt all the boats and drawn up all the bridges on any real chances of brighter prospects and strength through unity. Selfish Brexiteers have ensured that the UK, rather than venturing off into a brave new world of opportunities and sustainability, will become an impoverished, inward-looking and isolationist basket-case on the edge of a bemused Europe.

It’s all about “I’m all right, Jack”, “Fuck the kids!” and “We don’t need Europe.”

It’s time we stopped this madness. It’s time we exited from Brexit.

That’s all from me for today. Many thanks for giving me your time and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. So, until our paths cross next time.

Bye for now.

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