Head Over Heels: The many colours, hues and tones of poems, lyrics and words by Martyn de Tours, is a delightful collection of poems, lyrics and words.

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Some of the pieces are bagatelles. Some are free-form, and some even rhyme. Others combine Celtic mysteries from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, China, the USA, Turkey, Switzerland, Galicia, Asturias, Brittany and elsewhere with contemporary frivolity. In contrast, others talk about magical and mundane events in everyday life.


Table of Content

Head Over Heels 9
The Power of Dreams 11
Windy Morning 14
Watching the Day 17
Bandoxa 20
A Nocturne in Blue and Silver 21
Haiku in December 23
Tears of Avalon 25
Dancing Barefoot 26
Nieve 28
Summer Smiles 31
My Muse 34
Waiting for the Woman 37
Mystery of Life 40
Happy-face in the Snow 44
Brand New 46
Amerika 50
Days of our Lives 51
Goodnight 54
Good Time 57
Distant Destination 59
Today’s Ayers 61
Far from Philadelphia 63
Girl in Red 66
Slip Away 68
The Girl who has my Soul 70
Wild Ways 72
Rock the House 75
Bernie and the Slickest Hedge Fund 77
Oh to Joy! 83
Are we there yet? 84
The Grand Old Duck 87
Untitled, 1976 89
Silent Stars 90
As Aviation Meets Architecture 92
Tompkins Square Park, 2005 99
Divide and Conk Out 103
The Guardian’s Sewers 105
Another Song and Another Cent 106
Meet me in Córdoba 108
Breaking Hearts 111
Philistine 114
Amapolas 118
Amar 121
Baby Blue 125
Blood Red River 127
Awkward Infatuation 130
Bouncing Ball 132

Meet me in Córdoba (Extract)

Córdoba, Andalucía – 2011

I walk, and I dream

And I plan, and I scheme

And I stop and I start out

As new as the day begins

Hoping to change life

Like old socks

And new shirts

With nothing to stand in my way

And I learn, and I feel

And I fall, and I heal

With the questions and answers

And all that is in between

Spinning and wheeling

And centuries dealing

I am lost, and I’m found

In the enigmas of time

Meet me in Córdoba

I’ll be waiting for you

Meet me in Córdoba tonight

Meet me in Córdoba

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