SharingMakesItReal.003Martyn Richard Jones

Sunnyvale, CA – 7th May 2017

Listen up Team Leaders, Test Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers, Portfolio Managers and PMOs.

You have just made the most perfect project plan in the entire history of project planning, and naturally you want to share your baby with the rest of the world.

But, you can’t.

Your perfectly designed, crafted and honed project plan is locked in a box that only you have access to.

Because none of your target audience has Microsoft Project.


However, help is at end, in the form of the Community Version of an app that goes by the name of Project to Excel.

Want to share your MS Project schedule with those who don’t have MS Project? No worries mate. Read on.

Now it’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 to go from MS Project to this (P1):


And this (P2):


Or even this (P3):


And this (P4):


And this (P5):


How can you do it? Easy!

There are plenty of tools to help you to achieve this. Here is one example. Project to Excel (Community Version).

To check out the full features of Project to Excel take a look at the User Guide for the Community Version – pdf format – downloadable at this address:

You may also download the 2.1 Beta version of the Community Version for free. Instructions are in the PDF and also on the blog at

Many thanks for reading and have much fun.


Contact email address for Project to Excel: