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You love data. You eat, breathe and sleep data! You source it, clean it, integrate and then analyse it until it confesses. You represent, invent and present results. Data is your life and Big Data is your prophet. The Big Data Big Top is the place to be, and (passively) that is where you are headed. For you, Big Data drives everything we do! Is that the case?


No worries, in spite of all of that, you too can also be a useful member of The Big Data Contrarians.

You may have heard of us before, we are the group that others dare not name, but let me go over some of the remarkable benefits, features and side effects of joining in the fun.

As well as giving you access to some of brightest, most well informed and experienced practitioners in the fields of statistics, analytics, data management, architecture, data governance, data technologies and a plethora of etceteras, there are other amazingly fabulous, exciting and compelling reasons for joining The Big Data Contrarians.

  1. The Big Data Contrarians is the most fascinating data-community in the ‘whole wide world’ – forget what you’ve been told elsewhere, this group is just quite possibly the most sophisticated, friendly and enlightened data and Big Data community that you’ll ever have the privilege of being a part of.
  2. Being part of The Big Data Contrarians lets you tell the world just exactly what you think – If you think the hype has gone way for far, bring the offender down a peg or two, no matter who they are, or what they profess to know. So, do your own thing, without fear nor favour. If the pundits and their mates threaten you, do not worry, Rab C Nesbitt knows where they live.
  3. Associating yourself with The Big Data Contrarians places you amongst the Big Data elite – you will stand out as not as just any ten a dime fad-follower but as a thought-leader, a professional and a critical-thinker. People will come from far and wide, just to hear what you have to say.
  4. The Big Data Contrarian groups is unique and universal – There are many groups with Big Data in their titles, but they are little better than anaemic and poverty-stricken representations of the worst data unemployment centres in the world.
  5. The Big Data Contrarians is a convergence of opinions, ideas and more – but it isn’t a melting pot, neither is it about conformance or value-sapping integration or uniformity. We are all unique and wonderful, and we don’t need to be fed through a cookie cutter.
  6. The Big Data Contrarians can question everything – For example, you don’t like this piece and have a question, then fire away. If we can’t handle the questions then we shouldn’t be creating them in the first place. Just ask away… “Mart, why is Bernice telling Big Data porkies again?”, “Mart, why are Cloudera talking out of their arse?” or “Mart, why do the same babblers like Java, Agile and Big Data hype?”
  7. The Big Data Contrarians is quite possibly the sexiest group on the internet – but that’s not the point, the point is I don’t care, we shouldn’t care, because that sort of talk is for the trashy blogs, the Big Data society dopes and the socially confounded and confronted.
  8. The Big Data Contrarians are not the best – I’m not stating that the Big Data Contrarians are the best, even if we are, but that we should look at this position as one of responsibility as well as power, and take it from there.
  9. The Big Data Contrarians can redesign, reframe and reposition the whole Big Data debate – and we will.
  10. The Big Data Contrarians is the nicest smelling data community on the world wide web – We all know that, right? However, what are the wider ramifications for Big Data? I don’t think we need to answer that rhetorical question. When one knows, then one simply knows.

Has that whet your appetite?

Do you want to know more about the group?

Do you want to learn more about the disciplines we cover?

Do you want to interact with some of the best independent minds in their respective fields?

Want to be an integral part of a group that the Big Data BS babblers, flim-flam artists and snake-oil medicine merchants auto-exclude themselves from?

Join The Big Data Contrarians, today. Only on LinkedIn.

Many thanks for reading.