Image2Martyn Richard Jones

Gif sur Yvette, 15th December 2017

If all we had right now was operational tech stacks consisting of PL/1 and IMS and Hadoop we would be in a bad place if it came to strategic, tactical and operational decision support.

Not because of PL/1 and IMS but because of the fact that Hadoop is shit at doing many things.

Hadoop heaves super-sized, fast and variable unstructured data – at a respectable, if not fast, pace. That’s what it is good at.


If relational databases were new, we’d be clamouring to replace the Hadoop pond-life with relational and object-relational databases – e.g. SQL/Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.

So, why do we want to be so perverse?

Hadoop is not post-modern, it’s pre-classic. It’s so old it’s archaic. The IT of jungle law, anti-intellectuals and bottom-feeders.

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