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Reality bites down hard when it wants to, and more often than not when we are least expecting it. IT is seldom given importance for any valid business reasons, such as its support of operational excellence or of quality support of valuable mission critical business – and bureaucratic reasons are not necessarily business reasons – but frequently find themselves at the forefront of business life for primarily negative reasons.

It’s hard to be critical of organizational IT because it’s not just about technology but primarily it is about people, their careers, their work, their livelihoods, their aspirations, their level of comfort, their visions for the future, and their dignity, and so on and so forth.

Even if it is too frequently the case that some in IT management do not often consider the human factors in their decision making, that is no excuse to use that very same simplistic and inhumane instrumental reasoning in order to describe, analyse and criticize the big IT picture. Of course, and from time to time, it is sometimes necessary to be brutally honest – and from ones own perception of the situation and possible solutions, as right or wrong as they may be – in order to provoke educated debate, new ideas and agile change. Therefore the intention is of course to address the issues at hand with sound thought and the required levels of seriousness.

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