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Picture6Martyn Jones

Bornheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 25th August 2017

When you offer people all of the benefits of the single market and the customs union, but without any of the EU bureaucracy, constraints and costs, what happens?

We ran an experimental consultation last year in the UK just to demonstrate what happens when bat-shit-crazy mad-cow Britain has a chance to throw a spanner in the works. Some people will inevitably believe the boloney whilst others will use it as a mere tool in a simple-minded and obtuse attempt to rationalise their own irrationality and misanthropy. Nobody can throw a spanner in the works quite like the Brits.

Brexit, I was told, would make the UK better off, and in a myriad of different ways.

I was told that we would take back control, and in doing so regain the rightful sovereignty, security and integrity of the UK. I was told that we would dramatically reduce net immigration whilst keeping the UK open to all talent. I was told that we would increase funding of the NHS by £350 million a week. And, I was told that science and research partnerships with the EU members would be strengthened post-Brexit.

On top of all of that, I was told that the UK would be fully out of the EU sometime in 2019.

Well, we are still not anywhere close to a negotiated retreat from the EU and already the promises are coming crashing down on our stupid heads.

However, I am still told that coming out of the EU is the right thing to do. I am told, “Just look at the terrorism in Barcelona! Do you want that here as well?” Like as if running away from the EU would isolate us all from terror. I hear that “each and every one is a potential terrorist”, and “can’t be trusted”.

I don’t buy into the trend of labelling Brexiteers as all stupid, ignorant, reactionary, xenophobic and racist ignoramuses. That’s just wrong, and I would try and avoid such labelling myself, even though (chwarae teg, as we say ‘fair play’ in Wales) I would probably struggle with the task of refuting their accuracy. But, if we dismiss the aforementioned advantages of Brexit, which now many Brexiteers are accepting as not actually being part of the deal, what are we left with apart from delusions of grandeur, devil may care isolationism and xenophobia?

Brexiteers are also blaming the pro-EU media, business and individuals (which they frequently decry as ‘remoaners’ and ‘snowflakes’) for creating a climate of doom and gloom about Brexit.

Back before the referendum every Brexiteer seemed to be certain that the UK would be far better being out of the EU.

Now, when Brexiteers complain about the pro-EU remoaners, I will invariably come back with the same pointless rhetorical question. “It will all be much better after the UK has left the EU, won’t it”

These days, the Brexiteers are more likely to reply “We don’t know what the future will look like outside of the EU. Nobody does.”

That’s scary.

The fact that I can see nothing positive coming out of Brexit, is one thing. I’m a staunch ‘remoaner’ and convinced citizen of the EU. That Brexiteers can no longer point to anything tangible and positive about Brexit, is quite a revelation.

It’s like as if they really don’t give a damn about what happens next.

That’s all from me for today. Many thanks for giving me your time and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. So, until our paths cross next time.

Bye for now and many thanks for reading.

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