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Image1Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 28th August 2017

In my opinion, Brexit, any Brexit, could spell economic, political and social disaster for the UK. Brexit could ensure the demise of the Good Friday Agreement, with seriously damaging consequences. It could see the independence of Scotland – not necessarily a bad thing for Scotland, but yet another unintended consequence of Brexit. And, it could significantly deteriorate the rights and conditions of workers in the UK.

So, I wish to put a Brexit question to Jeremy Corbyn.

Will the working people in the UK be better off if the UK leaves the European Union?

What I mean by “better off” are things like:

  • Enhanced job security
  • Pensions that ensure a dignified retirement for all
  • Incomes that ensure a dignified existence for all
  • The end to zero-hours employment contracts in all but exceptional cases
  • Increased workers’ health and safety advantages
  • Pay equality
  • Greater economic stability for employers, greater opportunities for businesses
  • Greater opportunities of quality employment
  • Sector and region based minimum wages to encourage UK residents to take jobs that would otherwise be too poorly paid to be worthwhile
  • The radical reduction of offshoring skilled and semi-skilled work that can be done by people already living in the UK
  • A marked increase in government backed training and education schemes for IT and all aspects associated with it
  • A marked increase in government backed training in healthcare
  • Tax incentives for businesses to hire locally.
  • Tax incentives for business to teach quality skills
  • Barrier-free opportunities for education and work in other European countries – this must at least be as fluid as the current situation

Can all of this be achieved?

You see, we know, and we know this to be true because we have lived it, that being a senior player in the EU has not been detrimental to the UK; far from it.

If anything, the UK’s membership of the European Union has boosted social justice; has created and nurtured a solid and unified community with strong democratic values and principles; has encouraged a Europe in which hard work is rewarded and those less fortunate are protected; it has been a prime promoter of the decent society, human rights and equality; and, it has ensured that responsibilities are matched with rights.
In fact, even if we take a cursory glance, there is no clash of values when it comes to the EU and the Labour Party.

So, back to the question that I started with.

Jeremy Corbyn, in your opinion, will the working people of the UK be better off if the UK leaves the European Union?

Because if the answer is no, even a qualified no, then you and your party should be totally set against Brexit; any form of Brexit, and you and your party, in alliance with all decent democrats who are also against Brexit (SNP, Plaid Cymru, Greens, Liberal Democrats, etc.) should actively, intelligently and legitimately oppose Brexit at every turn, in every possible place, at all possible times, and we should not stop campaigning against and opposing Brexit until the very idea of Brexit itself has been extinguished.

That’s all from me for today. Many thanks for giving me your time and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. So, until our paths cross next time.

Bye for now.

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