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You’ve heard the stories. Little Johnny did this, little Johnny did that, little Johnny did god knows what.

Case in point.

Little Johnny comes home from school carrying a note from the teacher addressed to his parents. It reads:

Dear Mr and Mrs Johnson, I reprimanded your son today for stealing the pens of his classmates. Yours, the Teacher.

Johnny’s parents are aghast. “But how could you do such a thing, especially as we’ve tried to bring you up as an honest, ethical and hardworking guy? Johnny, what a shame on the family, and what will your Aunt Mabel say? Just where did we go wrong in your education? We brought you up to be an honest guy, we never brought you up to steal; you see either your Mom or me do that, right?”

Then the father, seeing Johnny in some distress, tries to calm the situation. “And, anyway, Johnny, son. If you’d told me you needed some pens, I could have brought you a box of them home from the office”.

The take away from this story is very simple. Analysing all the similar anecdotal evidence from all over the world, and making translations, cultural adjustments and social data integration where necessary, resulting big data requires us to ask… “Just who can we trust?”

Many thanks for reading.

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