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You may well have seen all the climate change events around the world. 23rd September saw the biggest ever Climate Change awareness march the world has produced to date. Al Gore was there, Ban Ki Moon was there, Leonardo DiCaprio was there… even Prince Chuck was there.

Now I think that Climate Change is a real, present and dangerous threat, so don’t get me wrong on that. But, even I am drawn close (okay, not that close) to accept that there may be something to the Big Data analysis in the denier’s corner.

What we have to remember is this. Temperature samples are taken all day, but, and this is really the big butt, the most important temperatures variations happen at night time, when we are tucked up in bed dreaming of digital sheep, because that is when we are most vulnerable.

And what do we know about night-time temperatures? Right, they are the coolest temperature samples that we will probably get all day – that’s a massive 24hour window we are looking at there – Including when the Siberian door is opened, and blasts of icy wind pass over the face of free and democratic Europe.

In this respect, Big Data reminds us that we must question the facts and probe the science, whereas there are is no such onus when dealing with common-sense and faith-based gossip, opinion and speculation, which of course can be entirely trusted on face value.

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