cropped-afi.pngAfilonius Rex

Madrid 15th May 2019

If terrorism went full in your-face digital it could do no worse than adopt the tactics of those management consulting companies and IT laughing academies who are encouraging corporations to fully embrace Agile at Scale, a short, succinct and precise term for labelling a sure fire way to turn your decent, reasonable and western liberal oriented business into a failing totalitarian corporate hell-hole of an enterprise gone awry.

Just think about it for a moment…

If I wanted to cripple EU based corporate businesses, what could I do?

If I wanted to destroy the infrastructure of corporate EU, what could I do?

If I wanted to mess with the strategies of businesses that benefit the EU, what could I do?

If I wanted to manipulate EU based business, what could I do?

If I wanted to politically, economically and socially harm the EU, what could I do?

Well, if I was into management consulting, big time, I could always push the otherwise disgraced, incomplete and bizarre idea of Agile at Scale down the throats of some of the useful idiots that inhabit parts of corporate EU. After all, they’ve swallowed so much hyped-up bullshit over the years, why not one last push to stick them in the crapper?

So what’s wrong with Agile to Scale?

What’s wrong? That’s a laugh to begin with.

What’s right with it?

Agile at Scale is quite possibly the worst form of Stalinist inspired aberration to have beset western civilisation in more than three decades.

It’s total bullshit… and it’s to scale.

The trouble is that it is being adopted.

It’s total bullshit. It’s to scale. It’s being adopted.

I don’t believe for one minute that the USA is using their strategy companies to undermine the EU. I didn’t believe for one moment that USA rating agencies were trying to cripple western economies, even if a lot of circumstantial evidence made me look like a fool for holding my optimistic views. I don’t believe that the USA used its banks to manipulate and destabilise EU bond markets. No, there is no plot to spread weapons-grade toxicity amongst EU corporations nor undermine trade nor use climate change as a big stick.

I don’t believe that at all.

But, what if I was wrong?

What if Agile at Scale was just another piece of global-reach and global-control chicanery?

All the best,

Afilonius Rex