It’s not over even when the dead cat bounces.

Coco Jones

Hi, I’m Ricky Jones, boss and co-founder of Becci Boo International Investments. Last week we said goodbye to our best big-data energy commodity trader. It was sad to see him leave. He’d been with us for many years.

Sadly, Coco Jones was determined to retire to the countryside, to his birthplace, to his real home, a snug little village in the hills of Montseny, and there was absolutely nothing we could do to convince him to stay. The thing about Coco is that he is not like you or me; he’s a highly intelligent Catalan sheepdog.

So, you might ask, how did Coco get to be a star trader at the Becci Boo Hedge Fund? Was it the tools he used? Was it the techniques that were adopted? Was it the food he ate? What was so special about him and his fantastic abilities? It’s a long story that I will relate as briefly as I can.

Back in time, there was one particularly disastrous week of trading at Becci Boo. Something had gone seriously wrong with our once reliable big-data Trade Analytics platform, and crazy bets were being placed right, left and centre – and against traders’ better judgement.

The CFO was livid. Out he comes onto the trading floor, swearing, cursing and blinding. “God! You guys are the damn pits! What the hell do you think you are doing? Can’t you get anything right? A Catalan sheepdog could trade more effectively than you feckless lot of feckless things.”

I try and diffuse the situation.

To be continued.

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