If you judged everything by what the media tells us, you would get the impression that the world is in continuous revolt. Violence, destruction and protest is everywhere. It’s like as if every hour of the day there is one reason or another to go marching, standing or sitting somewhere about something.

Well, that’s the impression one may get.

Now with the benefit of hindsight and big data we can see that this is a far from accurate picture.

Firstly, we can observe that even the most radical of people will refrain from protest at least for one third of their entire life span.

Secondly, we can add to this the figures for full and part-time employment and other activities, which will make up yet another third of our time that is dedicated to protest.

Thirdly, we can add to the mix the size, frequency and intensity of world-wide protests and protests held around the globe.

Where is this leading us?

So, for all the talk of a major protest march in front of the town-hall at mid-day of a Saturday in September, what we tend to forget are all the times when this, or other protests, do not take place. So therefore we can look at the big data and do the math, and come to the conclusion that protests, rather being the norm, are in fact the exceptional.

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