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Twenty years ago, you wanted a new bathroom, so you hired a building contractor to come in and build a bathroom of your own design.

Twenty years on, the building contractors are still in your house, they come and go as they please, they traipse mud and dust and paint all through your living room, they leave the toilet seat up, they smoke in your bedroom and they use all your coffee. In fact, they are a part of everyday life. Before you get righteously outraged there is some good news. The builders have made you some nice French windows, a completely integrated cat flap and a dual use patio, finally, they have started work on making your bathroom, although with some minor specification changes, such as: ceramic instead of marble; a bath instead of a bath and shower; a TV instead of a window and, as the icing on the cake, the cold water “feature” now works – well, most of the time.

But you are still hopping mad, you have been getting progressively angrier over a period six months, ever since you threatened to throw them all out and get in different builders to finish the job. But they tell you not to worry, all you need to do is pay an additional 200% and then everything will be just perfect, and indeed, they can now almost guarantee that they will deliver, what you might want, at some time in the future. That was the when the incumbent cunningly convinced you that they had finally come up with the perfect solution: a new twelve-step method, which they called Building Scientific Value (BSH).

They say that building for them has now become a philosophy, that they are entering the age of building enlightenment, and the mistakes of the past were because they were unduly influenced by building tradition and unfamiliar tools and materials.

They welcome you to step out of the darkness and bask in the sunshine of their newly acquired illumination. Naturally, they see scepticism, after all, the builders are the ones who not only failed to deliver what was promised, but also have gone half way to destroying your house. But they say, don’t fear, BSH has arrived in the nick of time. The Builders Science company developed BSH from all they know about building and working, and making coffee. They learned from working on your house, they tell you that their new method is a flexible framework that can be applied to any household – it’s a reliable method for making complicated building value judgments.

They have impressed you so much you listen to them articulate their 12-point method.

Many thanks for reading.

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