Brussels 25th May 2019

If the resignation of Theresa May has taught us something it is that we can’t be taught anything. Yes, May has resigned as leader of the Tories, but is she capable of delivering her actual departure from Downing Street on time in the way she seems to be saying she will? And, do the Tory MPs and their supporters actually know what departure from Downing Street really looks like? Does departure mean departure? Should it be a hard or soft departure? A crash out departure or a negotiated departure? Or, should we all have another vote on it? Or perhaps that would be undemocratic and against the “will of the people”?

I’m sure the house and the country should be told.

And, what does Jeremy Corbyn have to say about this enormous mess that he created, single-handedly?

After all, fair’s fair, it is precisely due to Theresa May’s weak and wobbly leadership that we didn’t leave the EU when we should have and were therefore obliged to participate in the current EU elections, and, more importantly, the Middle-East hosted Eurovision Song Contest – whilst holding up the rest of them in the process.

On top of everything, I am now hearing rumblings to the effect that David Davis has been appointed to manage May’s departure from Number 10.

Remind me again, is this the thanks that Mark Francois, Doris Karloff and Olde Sheppe deserve for taking down Hitler, Mussolini and Herr Porridge?

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