The Madness of Brexit

MADMartyn Jones

Carmarthen, Wales – 31st July 2017

Many Brexiteers take a simplistic, restricted and shallow view of how the UK will leave the European Union.

It’s to be expected.

Some people are both wilfully ignorant and certain of their beliefs, even though their beliefs are no better than reactionary and rationalised prejudice, socialised absurdity and tidy-minded incongruence.

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The Conceit of Remainers: The Brexit Boloney Continues


Martyn Jones

Carmarthen, Wales 1st August 2017

I am a citizen of the European Union; I have always supported the European ideal; and I will never stop fighting Brexit until it has been consigned to the annals of history as a temporary aberration, a time when things could have gone very badly, but didn’t.

I think that I am right to support our continued membership of the European family. I also think that the Brexiteers, if they are really looking out for the interests of their fellow islanders, are absolutely wrong to push for Brexit. Or better said, I think that Brexit could be the nastiest, the most divisive and the most damaging decision in the history of the UK.

Apparently this makes me conceited.

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Brexit is Bullshit

Peppa-Pig-eOneMartyn Jones

Carmarthen, Wales 20th July 2017

Let’s face it.

Brexit is bullshit.

Maybe it’s worse than bullshit.

Either way, one thing is for sure. Brexit is the most revealing, significant and catastrophic episode of irrational, self-harming and bloody-minded lunacy in the entire history of the British Isles.

But, why did it turn out that way?

What drove so many people to vote for far greater risk, uncertainty about the future and the rejection of the stability, presence and influence that we have within the EU?

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Can Ruth save the Tories?

Ruth2Martyn Richard Jones

Carmarthen, Wales 23rd July 2017

The UK government is in a mess. Theresa May’s team lacks coherence, cohesiveness and credibility. It’s driven by instinct and its instincts are not clever. It’s a team that has taken on far more than it can adequately manage. It has bluffed and blustered its way to the forefront of the political beauty stakes only to be confronted with significant political, economic and social challenges for which it has no rational or reasonable strategies, policies or plans.

The Tory cabinet is about as effective, credible and desirable as an unruly gang of drunken revellers on an extended stag-do in Benidorm.

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More blame-shifting BS about IT security

Only Fools and Horses

British Actors Lennard Pearce; David Jason And Nicholas Lyndhurst Stars of the BBC TV comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’. (Photo by Photoshot/Getty Images)

In reply to ‘Politicians need to get digitally literate – and fast’ 

Martha Lane Fox, a UK House of Lords’ cross-bencher and founder of doteveryone (a think-tank of sorts), wrote an article published in The Guardian, which basically argued that UK politicians need to “get digitally literate – and fast”.

But, what does that actually mean?

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Martyn Jones, citizen of the European Union

NapoleonMartyn Richard Jones

Carmarthen, Wales 13th July 2017

I’m British by accident of birth. It’s not a bad accident. In fact it is fortunate. But, that is by the by.

I was born in a very welsh Wales of tightly knit communities, close harmony choral singing, coal of Saudi Arabian proportions, heavy industry, agriculture and larger-than-life legends.

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5 Simple Tips to Help You Survive the Big Data Bullshit Revolution



Image1Afilonius Rex

Dunny on the Wold, 1st July 2017

The 4th big data bullshit is here, and it is completely reimagining the way we conceptualise, think and reason. This amazingly and imaginary Govesque world is driven by hyperbole and mendacity distributed via interconnected digital devices that are capable of amassing and fermenting ever-growing amounts of big data bullshit.

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Consider this: The ten key dimensions of Applied Business Knowledge and AI

10 dimensions B


“Knowledge is the capacity to give correct answers to questions.”

“There is no well trodden path that takes a straight line from symbols, through data to knowledge and wisdom. This is just some nonsense invented by the IT industry.” – Martyn Jones

We may define data as being the symbolic representation of value or conversely of something which has no attached value. Data may represent, among other things, time, money, resources or worldly objects.

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Become an Instant Big Data Rock Star with 10 Insider Tips from the Top

002Martyn Richard Jones  

Talacharn, 28th May 2017

Folks! Here I bring you ten amazing tips from some of Big Data’s great and good. Tips that will help you become the Big Data Rock Star that you have always dreamed of being.

But first, a question.

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Top 10 Amazing Big Data Gurus That All Amazing Big Data Gurus Should Know

LaugharneMartyn Richard Jones and Afilonius Rex

Mountain View, 25th May 2017

Big data is tremendously interesting for syndicates, businesses and societies as a tool, platform and hyper-hype whizzo technique to help them stay together, pumped and economically with-it in today’s fast-moving digital bazaar of a transformational world.

With the Big Data industry surfacing so hastily, where does a business turn to before they want to put their numbers into action to improve patron familiarities, reduce mix, elevate operations and manage hazards?

Countless bizzes don’t have the necessary stretch of time to carefully excavate into all of the accessible exploration and integrate new machineries. So here’s some pointers to help them out.

Namely, we compiled a “Big Data Experts” list to help you folks out.

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