Postmodern Digital Stories: We’ve never seen anything like this before


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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Dunny on the Wold, 23rd August 2017

The prevailing conventional wisdom is that innovative technologies and their novel use are having an effect on many peoples’ lives. Indeed, the fascination with the possibilities offered by social media, the internet and the age of data is becoming all pervasive. Of course, not all is goodness and light. Some aspects, such as Denial of Service attacks, phishing without a permit and creatively-ambiguous chimping, mark the down side of this story. Continue reading


USA: What Trumped Hillary?


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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 16th August 2017

US liberals still don’t get it, do they? I was particularly unimpressed by The Guardian’s US correspondent, Richard Wolffe, who wrote this of Trump “He is the very man Hillary Clinton warned us that he would be.”

Like as if we really need the advice of an entitled and arrogant warmonger about any other unhinged member of the globalised political circus. Continue reading

Brexit: MPs must act, now!

Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn 14th August 2017

To paraphrase a famous quote, ‘Now is the time for all good MPs to come to the aid of the United Kingdom.’

Brexit is the enemy at the gate, the wolf at the door and the most significant threat to our collective future. This is our darkest hour of greatest need and Brexit must be stopped.

Of course Brexit must be stopped.

And, we have the power to do it. Continue reading

The Selfish Brexiteers


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Picture2Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 11th August 2017

What will the UK look like ‘post-Brexit?

Will Brexit result, as I read on Twitter, in the UK “taking back what we never lost to lose everything we currently have.”?

My concern is about what could happen to the people in the UK when we have finally run-away from Europe.

With Brussels gone, with the EU and the Single Market gone, with our EU citizenship ripped from our cold dead hands, who will Brexiteers have to complain about once we have become an isolated, tiny and populous ex-colonialist island to the east of New Jersey?

Continue reading

Brexit Britain’s Blaggers

Picture1Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 8th August 2017

Is Britain becoming a scoundrel’s paradise?

From the massively lucrative and almost risk-free student debt being sold on the cheap to a select band of chums in the private financial sector. To the scandalous misrepresentation, mendacity and downright deception of the leading guttersnipes and pimps of the Brexit campaign. Through the loud zoo of opportunistic, scabrous and malignant political animals chafing at the bit to return the UK to the dark ages of jungle law, rotten political leaders and nastier political masters, and with it, the ability of the few to effortlessly intimidate, coerce and mistreat the many.

Legion are the examples of the erosion of values in a Britain that once aspired to be a truly decent society.

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Picture1Martyn Richard Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 7th August 2017

Brexit is not legit, and the highest expression of patriotism and democratic credibility that is at our disposal is to lawfully and rightfully oppose all forms of Brexit.

I believe that any form of Brexit will be an act of self-harming lunacy that will be detrimental to the nations and regions of the UK for generations to come.

Brexit will turn us into a deeply divided nation, with all the dubious benefits that could be derivable from that.

I oppose those who would take us down the uncertain, risk fraught and unfathomably costly road of a hard Brexit.

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Brexit: Lose Control, Get Handed Your Arse


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Picture1Martyn Jones

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 6th August 2017

They told us that by voting for Brexit we would take back control.

They told us that Brexit would mean control over sovereignty and immigration. Which would mean total control over the economy, culture, society, law making, international relationships and trade.

They told us that voting for Brexit was the only patriotic option on offer.

This is what the backers of Brexit, through media, political and celebrity bullshitting agents, and a plethora of Brexit’s useful idiots, were telling us we would get once we were out of the EU. Continue reading

Donald, Mayor of Trumpton, USA


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iJNuUzKMartyn Jones

Bornheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – 4th August 2017

Like him or loath him, the fact of the matter is that the 45th President of the USA is Donald Trump.

Many see him as a blow-dried extrovert who can close big business deals and get the important jobs done. Others see him as an uncouth, ignorant and potty-mouthed bully, totally unfit for any public office – even that of dog-catcher.

He may have lots of detractors both sides of the beltway, but Donald Trump, who has been compared favourably with Andrew Jackson, has retained considerable support, especially in the rustbelt and coal mining communities.

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How to turn data into knowledge

Martyn Jones

Zurich, Switzerland – 3rd August 2017

Image2If anyone can turn data into knowledge then that person is me.

Let me explain.

I am a data architecture and management professional. For more than three decades I have been acquiring knowledge and experience in the design and delivery of effective data and solutions architectures for a wide range of projects and in a wide range of (mainly large global or regional) enterprise clients.

Therefore I think I can reasonably presume to have built up quite a good personal body of knowledge when it comes to applied data architecture and management.

As well as being a professional in the management and architecture of data, I have also considerable knowledge and experience in the areas of information management, artificial intelligence and knowledge management (structured intellectual capital).

So, what about turning data or information into knowledge? Continue reading